About Us

Our CEO, Angie always had a dream from a young age to one day own a business and be the boss. So here we are! Pronounced like 'Blaze' but without the 'B', LAZE LABEL was created January, 2021 in a true "start up business" style - in the spare room of the house. 


LAZE is an online fashion boutique located in Brisbane, Australia. We are a small business who are inspired by the latest trends in fashion. Our collections range from skirts, dresses, shorts, jackets, shoe and accessories and aim to bring them to girls all around the world. Our style is simple and effortless in neutral tones so our pieces become a staple in your wardrobe. 


LAZE takes a strong interest in sustainable and ethical practices of the fashion world so it is important to us as a business that we leave as little impact on the environment as possible. Although we are a small start up, we have implemented 100% eco-friendly packaging into our practices.  As we grow, our mission is to slowly implement ethically and sustainably made pieces designed by us, in hopes that LAZE LABEL can become a 100% sustainable fashion brand by 2025.